Brussels Glaziery

We are specialized in the area of glaziery in Brussels, and have more than 15 years of experience in this domain.

If you have a broken window in your apartment or house, or if you are a building condominium management owners association, an administration or a company needing a front shop window replacement, Protect House Group as always a solution to help you in all your needs of glaziery in Brussels.

We make installations in any kind on support: Wooden frames, aluminium, pvc, véranda, iron doors, and of any kind of glass as simple, laminated glass for your security, double and triple glasses for your isolation.
Our specialists are available to advise you and repair and replace your broken or damaged windows.

After a damage, a burglary or a little accident we assist you in emergency to find you a temporary solution to protect you and your house while you wait for the replacement of your window.
We offer you a quick replacement service and our services of assistance and window replacement prices are certified by all insurance companies we work with.

We work all over Brussels, it’s surroundings and even all around Belgium on demand.

Broken windows ?

Protect House repairs and replaces your broken windows. Our team of professionals is available to replace the glass of your windows, verandas, doors of any sort (aluminum, wood, pvc)
Our teams will be in the shortest delays at your place to assist you after a burglary or another damage.

  • Emergency assistance service 24h/24, 7j/7
  • Free Quotations
  • Opening of all residential type of doors
  • Securisation after burglary
  • Installation of security doors in Brussels and surroundings
  • Locksmith in Brussels
  • Installation of double glass windows in Brussels in 48h
  • Installation of windows and door frames
  • Front shop windows in Brussels
  • Security and anti bullet glass
  • Installation of super isolation glass in Brussels

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