Brussels front shop windows

Knowing that in terms of visibility and prestige the front shop window of a store is the first thing that customers see, and that in terms of security the front shop windows are the weak parts that can be attacked by a burglar or by vandals or in a riot, as it happened many times recently in Brussels, the glaziery department of Protect House Group specialised in temporary reparations of shop front windows after burglary or any and is equipped with all the specific materiaal to intervene in any type and size of shop front window, being it in simple, laminated or double glass.

Either it’s for a crack, a broken or tagged front shop window, we’ll replace your window in Brussels in about 48 hours (depending on disponibility) in order that your business can keep it’s trade image.

Front shop windows

In case of broken glass tempered doors we can arrange temporary solutions during the delay your door needs to be replaced, allowing you to you the entrance of your shop with security.

Our services and prices are accredited by all insurance companies.

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